The game was made during the Global Game Jam 2020. The theme of the jam was Repair. You can check our GGJ Page for more details on that.

NeoGaya suffers, help to repair its essence through ancient arcane powers using magical cards spells.

A technodruid disciple, former inhabitants of the planet is tasked with the mission of making the planet habitable again after spending hundreds of years having its essence absorbed by an army of corrupted robots.

Use magical cards to restore the energy of NeoGaya cristals while defending it from the machines infestations.


Use energy cards to restore the crystals that contain the rest of a region's vital power. If a crystal is completely consumed by enemies, the land is destroyed, forcing the player to start the journey again. Avoid them using energy spells or magic barriers.

Web and Android **builds** are listed bellow! :)


1.1.0-web-mend.zip 13 MB

Also available on


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really good game ngl

lvl 11, incredible i love this game

Mecânica incrível! Adorei (não cheguei a jogar a ponto do jogo ficar difícil, mas achei a profundidade do gameplay muito boa... pra jogo de jam então, mais incrível ainda!)

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Apresentação show demai, achei lindo e xeroso,  adoraria ver ritmos de gameplay diferentes, talvez essa exata velocidade de recurso mas com uma mão de 3 cartas ou uma mão de 5 com uma velocidade de recarga menor.